ShiRock 2022: All eyes on ‘Monuments’


Ukhrul: The Messengers, a Tangkhul gospel band, opened the third evening of ShiRock 2022 with praises glorifying god and challenged the crowd with the testimony of Rapei, who plays guitar for the band despite being physically blind. 

All fingers crossed as Ukhrul witnessed another round of band competition Friday night. Eight more bands performed, making the competition even tougher as more bands continued to represent further including Assam and Karnataka.

Echoes of Mercy from Manipur were the first to liven up the competition on the second night of band competition, which was followed by 1BHK from Manipur, Stab Maggot from Assam, Terra Progeny from Manipur, Rongbin The Secret Realm from Assam, Manga from Karnataka, Oblivions from Assam and The Paradigm Shift from Nagaland were the last to close the show for the night. 

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All the bands gave an amazing performance with virtually little or no distinguishable differences. It is a hard race, and the bands are neck to neck with each other. People gathered in large numbers to witness new rock bands, who have come with full preparation to rock the audience.

Judges will ultimately decide the results, as all the loyal fans to all the bands, hands in heart, chants for the bands, will await results on the last ShiRock Saturday night.

ShiRock has, in the last three editions, never failed to pull in audiences in the thousands.

Bakshi ground mini-stadium will be at breaking capacity tonight, as the stage will see descent Monuments, a British progressive metalcore djent international band for the opening act.

You better be there.

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