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Ukhrul: In an effort to recognize the increasing threats posed by climate change and other factors, a joint team of Ukhrul-based journalists and concerned departmental officials conducted a one-day spot survey of Shirui Kashong (Lilium Macklinae), Kashong Timrawon in Tangkhul dialect, the state flower of Manipur, on Saturday.

The initiative, a collaborative effort between the Ukhrul District Information Office (DIO) and the Ukhrul District Working Journalists Association (UDWJA), was carried out under the theme “Journalistic Research on the Growth of Shirui Lily, the State Flower of Manipur vis-à-vis Climate Change.” It aimed to document the current state of the endangered lily and raise awareness about its plight. By witnessing the lily’s growth conditions firsthand, the team sought to understand the impact of environmental changes on its survival.

The tallest lily flower observed during the survey was about 3 feet and 9 inches. The Lilies appeared to be shorter on average compared to previous years. The team also noted the arduous conditions under which the Lilies thrived amidst the dense undergrowth of Ma-rām, a bamboo-like plant native to Kashong. Villagers shared their concerns about Ma-rām posing a significant threat to the survival of the rare Lilies. They explained that the bamboo’s extensive root system inhibited the sprouting of lily bulbs, hindering their propagation. “The uncontrolled spread of Ma-rām has drastically diminished the available habitat for lily growth,” lamented a villager.

After the suspension of annual controlled burning on the peak for the past several years, the growth of Ma-rām has shrunk the habitat of the lily. Therefore, to propagate more Lili

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