Solution shall be honourable and acceptable to all the Nagas: AK Mishra

Dimapur: The Naga Hoho team met the government of India’s Interlocutor for Naga peace talks AK Mishra today in Dimapur.

The Naga Hoho expressed its deepest appreciation to the interlocutor AK Mishra for the “painstaking efforts” to come to Nagaland to carry forward the peace negotiation and understand the sentiments of the people by taking into confidence the voices of the Nagas”.

In a statement today, Naga Hoho said the interlocutor gave a patient hearing to its delegation, while the interlocutor apprised the team about the ongoing talks with the Naga political groups with a positive note that “the solution shall be honourable and acceptable to all the Nagas”.

The Naga Hoho statement then said, “While every Naga soul is yearning for a peaceful solution, the Hoho appealed to all the Naga political groups to let good sense prevail and avoid provocative statements against each other as we anticipate a common solution for all the Nagas across borders”.


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