Suspected IED bomb blast at CMO Office, Senapati; CSOs condemns

Senapati: Suspected IED bomb exploded on September 30 evening at the office of the CMO/Director, District Health Society, Senapati. However, no one or group has claimed responsibility till filing of this report. The incident reportedly occurred at around 9 pm on Friday, suspected to have been committed by unknown miscreants. No human casualty was reported from the incident.

Report said that nobody lives in the premises of the CMO’s office. When the incident took place, some neighbours residing nearby the office said that they heard a loud blast presumably from tyre puncture.

It was only in the morning when neighbours saw that the blast occurred inside the office room of the District Immunization Officer where the bomb was suspected to have exploded under the table. The blast caused damages to the office of District Malaria Officer as well. It is suspected that unknown miscreants must have broken the glasses of the window and must have hurled the explosive device into the office.

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Briefing media persons, Dr. Pfokreho Pfoze, CMO/Director, District Health Society, Senapati called the incident unfortunate. Naga society believes in building trust and respect for each other. Calling such bomb culture is not from Naga society, the CMO regretted that such threats cannot bring any development in the society but instead, could bring more harm and more chaos to the society by creating insecurity to the people. “For any kind of dissatisfaction if there be any, the district CMO invites all to come and settle through dialogue and not through such means,” he mentioned.

The CMO also stressed on the need to preserve the age old value of trust that has been practiced since time immemorial till date. On being asked if there was any kind of demand from any group in the past, the CMO clarified that there was no such thing and added, “no quarrel or fight happened within the department in the past.”

In a joint condemnation, the Naga People’s Organization (NPO) and Senapati District Women Association (SDWA) denounced the bomb blast by some unknown miscreants. It stated that the explosion that occured within the heart of the town has reportedly emitted huge fear psychosis among the citizens of the Senapati headquarters. “The CSOs outrightly and vehemently condemn such act of terrorism within the peace zone, attempting to create disturbances, fear and tension. The site of the bomb explosion is the place where every individual throng to get treated. It is the place for the sick, the weak, toddlers and children who come for immunization,” it stated.

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Terming those unknown miscreants as cowards and uncivilized and a threat to the society, the CSOs stated it shall in no custom tolerate the perpetrators who hijack peace of the district for their diabolic whims.

The CSOs also demand immediate claim of responsibility to their treacherous act and reveal the reasons of the act. District CSOs also urge all right thinking citizens to join in the condemnation of such heinous crime and terrorization. While the CSOs also appeal the law and order enforcement authorities for thorough investigation and book the individual/organization involved for stringent punishment as it assured to extend full cooperation to nab the culprit.

The Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) strongly condemns the unethical bomb attack. The students’ body in a release warned those vested individuals who try to taint a place of healing with such sordid act of incivility. Reminding the unknown miscreants that what they did was irresponsible and putting the life of every individual jeopardy, the students’ body affirms its stance against any act of terrorism and warns that such attack was never tolerated and will never be tolerated. It reminded that the present society endorses peace and advocates harmonious co-existence.

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The students’ body while sternly warning the individuals or groups responsible for the cowardice attack to come forward and claim responsibilities, urged the state government to nab the culprit(s) involved in the attack and take up the necessary actions at the earliest. It further appealed the citizens to refrain from anti-social activities.

The Karong Senapati Town Committee (KSTC) vehemently condemned the drastically barbaric act and called it a heinous crime. Denouncing the bomb blast, the KSTC appeals the security to seriously put their heads together and book the culprits responsible for the blast to restore back public confidence.

JAC formed against the bomb blast at the Medical department office, Senapati while strongly condemning the heinous crime committed to medical fraternity also asks all responsible persons in the district to come out and voice against such unforgivable act of violence so as to prevent such recurrence in the district.

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