7th UGC Pay

Manipur implements 7th UGC pay, online classes resumes

Federation of Government College Teachers' Association (FEGOCTA) after several months of class boycotts, strikes and deadlines, following the implementation of long-standing demand of 7th...

7th UGC Pay and Regulations: Manipur government teachers once again set March 31 deadline

Alleging that Manipur government has failed to issue orders implementing 7th UGC Pay and Regulations even after 19 days since the signing of a...

College teachers reaffirm to continue agitation demanding 7th UGC Pay

Agitating government college teachers reaffirmed on Wednesday that they will continue the ongoing agitations until orders of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018 are issued. Federation...

ATSUM to state govt, Intervene and resolve the deadlock on 7th UGC Pay

The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) said that it was deeply concerned with the "apathetic conduct" of the state government of Manipur over...


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