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Engineer’s Day greetings to everyone with inherent engineering mind

Nava Thakuria Guwahati: Realizing that each individual has an inherent engineering mind irrespective of their adopted professions, All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA) greets everyone on...

All Assam Engineer’s Association bats for speed data recorder in automobile

Nava ThakuriaGuwahati: Understanding the concern of millions of automobile users in India following the death of a high-profile entrepreneur in a recent road accident,...

AAEA insists on solar powered e-rickshaw charging stations

Nava Thakuria Guwahati: All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA), while expressing concern over the recent controversies relating to Assam Power Distribution Company Limited’s notice to...

Assam engineer’s forum bats for pragmatic flex-fuel policy

Nava J ThakuriaGuwahati: All Assam Engineer’s Association (AAEA) appreciates the latest initiative taken by both the Union government in New Delhi and State government...

AAEA bats for long-term strategy to overcome power crisis

Nava J ThakuriaGuwahati: Expressing concern over the probable electricity crisis due to the shortage of coal supply to various power plants in the coming...


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