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As I browsed through the morning News and checked my Facebook & WhatsApp messages to update the development on this global pandemic ~...

COVID – 19 Hina Tangkhulli Khi Ngachei Ngasakpaili Khala

Aja COVID-19 hina maram sada ayar ngalei apam ngatei ngateidawui eina shimli hannungkida ima Tangkhulnaobing sorkhangasai leida lei. Kaikhava ungzangphok haira. Athumbingli quarantine sakhavai...

The Debate between Practitioners and Observers of Jhum Cultivation: In the context of the Eastern Tangkhul Naga region

For mountain dwellers, mankind and land is an association that has borne survival and kinship among generations for as long as one can remember....

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