Vareishum Kamkara, the man who pastored 10 churches over 50 years in the Northern Tangkhul region

Pastor Vareishum Kamkara was born on December 28, 1928, in Nungbi Khullen village, Ukhrul, Manipur, India. His parents were animists, as were most Tangkhul...

‘If you want anything done, serve:’ Serving can break down barriers

Amid the gloom and doom of life, we can see a glimmer of hope, if we are willing! In the midst of Covid crisis...

125th Anniversary of the birth of Baptist Church in the land of the Tangkhuls. Celebration or Mourning

To Christians, the world over, regardless of denominations, the only one central meeting point is the most authentic, most authoritative and most unambiguous version...

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