TNWL, Meitei CSOs resolves to celebrate cultural exchange, indigenous brothers meet annually

Ukhrul: Revisiting the aged - old relationship shared between the Meitei/Meetei and Tangkhul community of Manipur and a road towards bridging the gap, Tangkhul...

Prakash: Throwing light on Tibetan literature and culture

Nava J Thakuria Guwahati: Prakash, the acclaimed Assamese literary monthly magazine, has come with a special issue on Tibetan (refugee) literature and culture mesmerizing its...

Eminent filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma on Manipuri cinema

Imphal: Eminent filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma categorically stated that Manipuri Cinema can leap forward if filmmakers study and infuse the Manipuri way of life,...

Reading Cultural (Mis)Appropriation Through the Lens of the Nagas

With several factors ranging from social media to creative artists and developmental projects converging to make accessible what was once considered a unique, isolated...


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