Vareishum Kamkara, the man who pastored 10 churches over 50 years in the Northern Tangkhul region

Pastor Vareishum Kamkara was born on December 28, 1928, in Nungbi Khullen village, Ukhrul, Manipur, India. His parents were animists, as were most Tangkhul...

Iwui Story: Anup Shwin, born in Somsai

I always think if Ukhrul becomes Nagalim, how will it look on my Passport? Anyway, God will decide and in His Gracious time we...

Iwui Story: About Dr D Apao

I remember two analogical stories my dad repeatedly told me as a boy. These are stories of life’s great lessons to me. One is a story of a muzzle-loader rifle and the other of Bamboo shoots

“…I am unclean because of my identity”

My family left my village Ninchou in the early 70’s and came to Imphal for better opportunities not because we had a plan or...

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