Manipur Hills Journalists' Union

Media organisations in Manipur condemn intimidation on TSE staff

Imphal: Media organizations in Manipur condemned the December 25 incident where some people in four vehicles tried to disrupt the transportation of newsprint of...

New MHJU team calls on CM Biren, Assures to establish Press Club in Hill Districts

Senapati: A six member delegation led by its President, Peter Adani, new executive members of the Manipur Hills Journalists' Union (MHJU) called on Manipur...

MHJU Appoints Full Member Executives for 2021-24 Tenure

Senapati: The Manipur Hills Journalists' Union (MHJU) on Thursday appointed the remaining full set of its executives. In an office memorandum signed by its...

Peter Adani Elected as President of Manipur Hills Journalists’ Union, 2021-24

Senapati: The 6th edition of the Presidential election of the Manipur Hills Journalists' Union (MHJU) was held today at Press Club, Imphal. Representatives from...


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