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Decrying betrayal, 48-Mao AC NPF tenders resignation en-masse, likely to join other party soon

Senapati: Office bearers and workers of Naga People's Front (NFP) from 48-Mao AC drawn from almost of 9 DCC tendered their resignation en-masse on...

A local linguist interviewed by Brill publisher for his work to bring peace in the community

A local linguist, Dr. Sahiinii L. Veikho, is  working to resolve community conflicts, through his research works, that arise due to language variation. Two...

A Local linguist helping in developing Poula dictionary

The Poumai Naga community has officially launched on April 20th the first ‘Poula dialects dictionary’ project. This community oriented project will be coordinated by...

22nd Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Meh Tournament 2021 kicked off at Purul, Senapati

The inaugural event of the 15-day 22nd Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Meh (PNTM), Tournament 2021 was held today at Daphao ground, Purul Village, Senapati district...


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