Morung Dialogue

Weaving Self-Determination through Cultural Heritage: NPMHR’s 23rd Morung Dialogue series

The 23rd Morung Dialogue series was initiated to discuss the important role that traditional handicrafts and art play in sustaining our Indigenous communities; the...

“Indigenous Peoples and the Need for a New Social Contract”: NPMHR’s 22nd Morung Dialogue series

The Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) on 9th August 2021 commemorated the International Day of the World Indigenous Peoples (IDWIP) on the...

The Naga story in the Indigenous Peoples movements: NPMHR

Report- part 2, The Morung Dialogue. The Chair, Dr. Ngully, narrated “there is a story that my elders in the village used to say, that...

The Naga Story in the Indigenous Peoples Movements: NPMHR’s 17th Morung Dialogue series

The Naga story of disempowerment and garrisoning of their hills began as early as the 1830s when villages were burned and destroyed by the...


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