NSCN-K Niki Sumi Meets Interlocutor AK Mishra in New Delhi

On Thursday, October 7, the Niki Sumi group of National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) met the Centre’s interlocutor for Naga Talks, AK Mishra...

NSCN-K Niki Sumi group Cautions Transporters and Businessmen dealing with Mughavi Zhimo

The NSCN-K Niki Sumi group on Tuesday in a press release cautioned all transporters/transport agencies to cut all association with Mughavi Zhimo, Tatar, NSCN...

Naga People’s Front Legislature Party expresses appreciation: NSCN (K)

The Naga People's Front Legislature Party (NPFLP) has expressed its appreciation and welcomed the "Niki Sumi’s group of the NSCN-K for reviving the abrogated ceasefire agreement...

Naga Hoho urges GOI to renew ceasefire with Niki led NSCN

The Naga Hoho, while appreciating the Niki Sumi led NSCN-K for its decision to cease hostilities, has urged the Government of India on Tuesday...

Give peace a chance, says NSCN (K) President

The NSCN (K) President Gen. Retd Niki Sumi appealed to all to “heed to the call of the Nagas to give peace a chance”....

Niki led NSCN (K) says Republic Tv “propagating malicious news”

The Niki led NSCN (K) in a press statement on Saturday while condemning the national news channel REPUBLIC TV for "propagating malicious news" responded...


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