People of Northeast India

The Captivity of Tribal Women in Northeast India

LOOKING AT HOW TRIBAL women in/from Northeast India (NEI) freely move, travel, or migrate to the cities, they are seen as a liberated community....

Vareishum Kamkara, the man who pastored 10 churches over 50 years in the Northern Tangkhul region

Pastor Vareishum Kamkara was born on December 28, 1928, in Nungbi Khullen village, Ukhrul, Manipur, India. His parents were animists, as were most Tangkhul...

Rahul Kanwal’s faux pas and the need to include NE in syllabus

Not too long ago in October 2020 when Flipkart, the giant e-commerce company made the mistake of calling Nagaland a foreign country when a customer...

Three Legislators from NE Shines under top 50 MLAs in the country

UT News Service | Aug 13: In a survey conducted by Fame India-Asia Post about MLAs across the country, 3 Legislators from North East...

People of Northeast India – Abor Men

Two Abor (Adi) Men with Cane Hats, Pipes, and Tibetan Swords; Group In Costume Nearby.1954 | Arunachal PradeshVerrier Elwin Smithsonian ArchivesShout out to: People of...


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