Lucid Dreamer

As the earth swallows each bones freeing its enchanted soul to a still world; It may seem to you that solitude is your only convoy...

Baking Poetry

I tried baking poetry today I took a mixing bowl and gently let 1 cup of words 4 eggs of imagination 250 ml of milky passion 1/2 teaspoon of...

Unluckily Lucky

I may have lucked out on many thingsBut I am glad some thingsWere not meant to be.Because, then, I would have settled onThings that...

Autumn Musings

I long to sing the song of the sun;Run wild barefooted on the sun-dried grass;Pluck and suck on the sun-kissed berriesUntil my lips turn...

Did You See the Sky Today?

Did you see the sky today? Did you stop somewhere on your way? I did, but they thought me strange; They stared at me...


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