Rainforest Biodiversity of Phalee

Agriculture: the livelihood of 70% of Tangkhul Community

THE HUMAN population continues to increase, posing challenges to food security, global climate, and ecosystems. We will need technological and social innovation to support...

The fungal hypha- Can it improve the Kachai champra (Citrus Jambhiri Lush.) (G.I. No.-466) farm soils?

My granddad, Luirang Humao once told me about yimru (local dialect), it means very fertile soil which infers good crops and good harvests, narrates...

Rainforest Biodiversity of Phalee selected for United Nations Development Programe Project

Ukhrul: The Rainforest Biodiversity of Phalee (RBP) a small community-based organisation from Manipur's Phalee village, Ukhrul is selected for a United Nations Development Programme...

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