Rhino Horn

Assam Burns Stockpile Of 2479 Rhino Horns on World Rhino Day 2021

On the occasion of ‘World Rhino Day’, the Assam Government has burnt a stockpile of 2,479 rhino horns. This act aimed of putting an end...

PPFA Demands Transparency in Assam Rhino Horn Disposal

Nava J Thakuria Guwahati: Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) supports the initiative to dispose of wildlife parts including the rhinoceros-horns, kept in State treasuries for...

APFEJ welcomes disposing of rhino horns but with condition

Nava J Thakuria Dhaka/Guwahati: Asia Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists (APFEJ) welcomes the decision of Assam government’s forest department in far eastern India to dispose...

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