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GNF speak up at UN forum on AFSPA, Indo-Naga political issue, Oting killings & human rights protections

New York: The following is the oral presentation and the written statement submitted by the Global Naga Forum (GNF) at the 21st session of...

UN resolution fails to reflect gravity of Myanmar crisis

Nava J ThakuriaGuwahati: Undeterred with intimidations  from the military junta, a number of Myanmar civil society organizations has come out with a strong resentment...

Nagas`Right to Self Determination

This is a written statement submitted by International Committee for the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, a non- governmental organization in special consultative status...

India/Naga diplomat vs Pakistan Imran Khan at UN General Assembly

Among the many remarks the Pakistan PM, Imran Khan called India in the UN General Assembly, his accusation that India is led by a...


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