UPSC aspirant beaten in Ukhurl

Tangkhul Women’s League Delhi Condemns UPSC aspirant’s violent assault at Ukhrul

The office of the Tangkhul Shanao Ngarumsaklong Delhi (Tangkhul Women’s League) in a strongly worded condemnation note issued on Monday, "condemned the physical and...

Four arrested in UPSC CSE aspirant assault case in Ukhrul, Mass condemnation from Northeast

Ukhrul police Sunday arrested four youths from Rayotang locality in Ukhrul town in connection with the assault of a UPSC aspirant candidate namely, Soshim...

UPSC aspirant beaten black and blue

Soshim Keishing, an UPSC aspirant from Kumram village, Kamjong District currently residing in Rayotang, Ukhrul District was today beaten black and blue by the...

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