Tangkhul CSOs, India Medical Association, ANSAM, ATMA, and others Condemn ‘Assault on Doctors’

India Medical Association, "such security forces involved in heinous act are not fit to serve the people and should be TERMINATED within three days failing which the association will launch a series of state wide protest."

The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Long Imphal (TKLI), India Medical Association (Manipur Branch), All Tangkhul Medico’s Association (ATMA), Women of Hungpung Unit for Social Advancement (WHUSA), All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur and host of others have all issued condemnation against the assault on two doctors on Thursday by Manipur police personnel deployed near the chief minister’s residence at Luwangsangbam.

Dr. K Soreingam, Asst Professor, JNIMS and his wife Dr. K Lumthing Ruivah, Gyenaecologist, CMC hospital were assaulted by IRB commandos on the night of Thursday around 8:15 pm while they were returning home from emergency operation at CMC Hospital.

TNL, apex body of the Tangkhul community condemned in the strongest term, calling the assault a “barbaric act” for the physical assault with rifle butt on the head of Dr K Soreingam, Asst Professor, JNIMS in front of his wife Dr K Lumthing Ruivah, Gyenaecologist, CMC hospital. TNL urged the authority for immediate action on the culprits to the extend termination of services.

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TKS in its release pointed out “While the rest of the world is promoting peace, it is very unfortunate that Manipur police still exercise high handedness to their own people.” It further urged the competent authority to immediately deliver justice to the victims.

India Medical Association, Manipur Branch in a letter to chief minister N Biren Singh condemned the incident in the strongest term and said, “It is learned that even after identifying himself as a doctor and shown his ID card, the security personnel abused him in front of his wife and even hit him with the issued rifle.” It also stated that “such security forces involved in heinous act are not fit to serve the people and should be TERMINATED within three days failing which the association will launch a series of state wide protest.”

WHUSA condemnation note said that Dr Soreingam and Dr K Lumthing were on their way home after conduction an emergency operation on the night of September 2. “Today’s moral value of CDO Police is at the lowest ebb,” WHUSA noted, while it urged the concerned authority to terminate the police personnels involved in the inhuman assault.

ATMA strongly condemning the indiscipline action of the Manipur police in its release pointed out “This abuse, including verbal abuse, meted out to the medical personnel for saving lives by service personnel is spiteful.” It called upon the government for immediate and strong disciplinary action on the accused to inspire confidence in people and bring repute to the government and the police force, ATMA urged.

ANSAM in a condemnation note expressing sympathy and solidarity with Dr Soreingam and family condemned the high handedness and barbaric act of Manipur police commando said, “Such act of physical assault with loaded service rifle butt on the head of Dr. Soreingam is highly unacceptable and it amount to attempt to murder. ANSAM terming the incident highly unacceptable said, such act “reflects the image of the entire state.” It further added that, “It is very shameful on the part of the entire uniform community in the state that committing such heinous atrocities towards the Medical Doctor when the entire world is honoring them for their extraordinary service during this pandemic and in all times to save a life, ANSAM urged the concerned authority to initiate exemplary punishment against the perpetrators.”

TMNL in a condemnation note said it was appalled by the report of violent and imprudent assault on Dr Soreingam, former president of All Tangkhul Medico’s Association. It pointed out, “If a man of such status serving the state serving from a field wherein he risks his life everyday for others is treated in such a demeaning manner, we can only wonder at the horror of how ordinary citizens of the state will have to endure.” TMNL appealed for necessary action against the perpetrators by terminating the two CDO personnel at the earliest.

TKLI expressing condemnation over the incident said, “This inhumane treatment was totally unexpected from the CDO police in civilised society.” It also added that, “Law enforcement agencies must take strong action by terminating the involved DCO personnel with immediate effect and set an example. Justice must be served without delay,” TKLI said.

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