Tangkhul Katamnao Long Hyderabad 7th Dharthei Phanit held


Hyderabad: The Tangkhul Katamnao Long Hyderabad (TKLH) marked the annual 7th Dharthei Phanit at Telangana Saraswatha Parishad on Tuesday with resounding success bringing the participation of a diverse audience encompassing students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and more.

In his distinguished presidential note, Mayosing Sasa, President of the TKLH extended his warmest greetings to the thriving Tangkhul community of Hyderabad. He acknowledged the community’s vibrancy, along with the presence of dynamic institutions like the Church and the Women’s Society, that contribute to its progress and growth. Furthermore, he said he recognized the commendable commitment of the student’s body as it continues to uphold the welfare of its members with unwavering commitment. Unifying under a shared purpose, the president fervently encouraged the incoming fresher’s to actively contribute to the student’s body ongoing growth and evolution. He also emphasized the importance of fostering positive change within the community, recognizing that each individual’s involvement is pivotal to its collective success and advancement. The president further underscored the transformative role of the fresher’s by appealing to them as ambassadors of its esteemed community. He then also emphasized the significance of conducting themselves with dignity “as their actions are a direct reflection of the cherished values we hold dear”. In doing so, he fosters a profound sense of responsibility and pride among the assembled community.

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Gracing the occasion as the chief guest was Yuikan Shirak Pheirei, the illustrious Founder and Managing Director of Brand Neurons Pvt. Ltd., based in Bangalore. His presence added a touch of prestige to the event, inspiring attendees with his accomplishments and insights. The esteemed chief guest, an embodiment of experience, graced the event with insights on the theme “Unleashing Your Potential”.  He illuminated the intricate fabric of life, wherein choices and decisions are interwoven into every moment of wakefulness, directing the very essence and trajectory of our existence. He emphasized the profound influence of the power to choose in shaping our destinies—an influential privilege that we all possess the capacity to wield. Delving into the wellspring of his own life experiences, he artfully articulated the essence of hard work, discipline, patience, and perseverance in the pursuit of the student community aspirations. With unwavering resolve, he underscored the significance of these values, demonstrating how they converge to pave the way for achievement. His words resonated deeply, inspiring the audience to embrace the power of choice and instiled a renewed sense of purpose into their endeavours.

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In a solemn moment of prayer, Tangkhul Church Hyderabad (TCH), Pastor, Rev. Chihangam Tamang invoked blessings upon the fresher’s, seeking health, guidance, and purpose in their pursuits. The prayer resonated with a sincere hope for their success, urging that their presence enriches the journey of the student’s body, fostering greater success and progress. As they stepped into a new city, the Pastor beseeched for their roles to transcend personal growth, extending into becoming agents of positivity, and serve as a blessing for the greater welfare of the community in Hyderabad and bring solace and joy to their families back at home. Through these words of guidance and supplication, the Pastor ushered a profound tone of unity and shared responsibility, entrusting the fresher’s with a purpose that transcends individual ambitions.

The event of the day witnessed about 55 freshers including men and women with more than 300 audience who gathered at the 7th Dharthei Kazip. After several rounds of observing the freshers performances, the much awaited result was declared — Ms. Wonyo Marzah and Mr. Thanso Bungpadang Shimray were crowned Freshers Queen and Freshers King respectively.

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In a notable milestone, TKLH introduced the Academic Excellence Award, a prestigious accolade presented to exceptional students and professionals for their remarkable achievements in their respective academic domains. Achan Shimray, the Education Secretary of TKLH, underscored the pivotal significance of the award stating it reflects the commitment of the students body “to nurture and commend excellence, fostering a generation of learners who aspire to elevate themselves, and stands as a beacon of encouragement”. A total of 10 exceptional individuals were recognized, each receiving a certificate and a memento as a tangible symbol of their extraordinary accomplishments.

Ashang Kasar conveyed his sincere delight in observing the substantial diaspora of the Tangkhul community across numerous cities. In an earnest tone, he underscored the paramount significance of self-reliance, advocating for personal growth and autonomy. Encouraging resolute dedication, he urged the emerging generation to ardently pursue a life that surpasses the toilsome existence their parents lead in the village.

Infusing a captivating blend of glamour and talent into the event were the special appearances of distinguished artists. Thangmeiso Shanglai, a millennial music veteran whose melodies have resonated with the community through the years, took the audience on a journey down memory lane, evoking cherished childhood nostalgia. His performance was a testament to his timeless influence. Additionally, Yungyung Khamrag, a true Tangkhul pop sensation, who has pioneered a captivating Tangkhul-pop genre, amassed an ardent fan base. His electricfying stage presence and charismatic performance held the audience spellbound, underscoring his impact as a contemporary musical trailblazer.

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This year, the celebration held a remarkable distinction as the organizers embarked on an unprecedented collaboration with prominent media houses, including NGASUN MEDIA LIVE, Ukhrul, along with popular YouTube streaming channels like Marison Entertainment and Tangkhul on YouTube, and CH Vids. This innovative partnership catapulted the event’s reach, bridging distances and uniting the community through the power of media. Event partners, comprising renowned establishments such as Lincy’s Nail Bar, Siro Make-Up Studio, and Lemongrass Beauty and Spa from Hyderabad, lent their support, contributing to the event’s opulence and seamless execution.

As the evening drew to a close, Edward Phinao, the Home Evangelist of TCH, led a solemn and heartfelt closing prayer, ushering blessings and unity for the community.

The 7th Dharthei Phanit of TLKH, the organizers said, stands as a testimony to the community’s unity, celebration of culture, and vision for the future. With collaborative efforts, esteemed guests, and enthusiastic participation, the event emerged as a resounding success, leaving indelible memories in the hearts of all who attended.

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