Tangkhul Men’s Volleyball Open Tournament Village Level held at Muirei

The Irong team lifted the volleyball tournament champion trophy with a cash price of Rs 30,000. Leikoiching secured the 1st runners-up and received a Rs 15,000 cash prize. 2nd runners-up go to Muirei with a cash prize of Rs 10,000.

The first ‘Tangkhul Men’s Volleyball Open Tournament Village Level’ was held at Muirei with the motto ‘Together We Are Stronger.’ The tournament was organised by Muirei Katamnao Long from 15th to 18th Nov. 2021, to promote Volleyball sports in the region.

Shangyo Muivah, Village Headman, during his exhortation said that there are hardly few people who could make it to the state and national level from the hills and there are talented players with good physical fitness among the players and their talents should not be wasted.

He added that the background and foundation starts from the village and if they play well from here, he is hopeful that they will be able to make it to the state and national levels. He advised the youths that they should not be afraid and stand up again even if they fall and should always stay close to God. Wisdom and knowledge possessed and acquired by educated people is also a talent given by God. Likewise, we are all made uniquely with different talents by God with a purpose as it is written in the Bible. Time is precious and we should strive to make our time fruitful during our youth.

Rockson Kashung, NPF intending candidate, 22 Riha Loutei DCC Ukhrul, praised the MKL for their passionate dedication in organising the tournament. He said if we sow now, in due season we will reap. He appreciated all the participants and team for making the tournament meaningful. He added that we should make tournaments our culture. In Europe, there are many sports academies and clubs. Sportsmen are trained in the academy but in poor countries, sportsmen are produced from the streets, from the village-like Maradona, Ronald Dinho. India is known for cricket because in almost every street corner, Indians play cricket. Cricket becomes a culture be it even if they sleep or awake. When it becomes a culture, the competitive level contributes to the national level. Likewise in South America, every city plays football. As a result, their standard in football became high and could contribute to it at the international level. Therefore, we should encourage our people to play consistently in their respective playground which every village has. Let’s make this a culture. In that way, sports quality will be greatly enhanced.

A meaningful folk song was composed and presented to Ramnganing Muivah, IAS (Retd), former Sec. NEC, NPF Intending Candidate for 44-Ukhrul, (ST) A/C, Manipur by Muirei Kharar Long as a blessing to him that they welcome his coming. They wish him a long life and invoke God to open the door for him. To let God give him His blessings so that God’s kingdom be built through his works.

Raymond Muivah, Asst. Headmaster, Model High school, hoisted the flag on behalf of the Chief Guest and shared his thoughts on the occasion. “I would like to supplement that, be it education, sports, or whatever training that is available, it should be utilised to discover our God-given talent. To make use of it, identify and focus on what you want, give effort, work hard, exercise and give your best to be fruitful. As discipline is very important, youngsters need to maintain discipline, punctuality and obey the coach. Those who obey and have discipline will always bear fruit. Manipur has produced many sportspeople like Reisangmi Vashum in football. Though we haven’t seen much in volleyball, we have Mary Kom in boxing. She has proven with her many medals that even women can excel and bring laurels for the nation. Aim to go for national and international level and not just district and state level. But do everything with God as it’s one of the most important things in life. Pray before you play or go to school even if it is for a few minutes before you leave home.”

Ramnganing Muivah conveys his sincere message on the occasion as a Chief Guest. His letter reads, “I am very glad that today, some of our youngsters are organising tournaments like this. I would like to let you know that I will always extend my support. The news of many youngsters of today’s generation indulging in drugs and alcohol pains my heart. However, I am hopeful that your interest in sports shows that you have discipline and will become the light for our motherland. It is my request to all of you not to stop from the local level but to give more effort and participate at the national and international level and bring laurels for the nation.

Others are advancing in many spheres and we are lacking behind. It is my deep concern that Ukhrul is very much behind in terms of education & infrastructure despite being the first in education before and now, it’s in incomparable condition. Therefore, I have a sense of mission that inspires me from within. Join me with your support to fulfil ‘Mission Ukhrul’ as I have decided to build Ukhrul for the betterment of society in our lifetime.”

The team’s from 15 villages namely; Tashar, Hungpung, Thoyee, Loushing, Laho, New Cannan, Leiyaram, Irong, Ngarumphung, Lamlai Khunou, Happyland, Leikoiching, Louphong, Sopleng, Muirei participated in the tournament. The Referees were TH Romeo Singh, International Referee (VFI), CH Sanachaoba Singh, National Referee, CH Manglemba Singh, National Referee, W Laxshmi Singh, State Referee, (NIS Volleyball), and G Amitab Sarma, State Referee.

“I am glad to come here and watch the volleyball tournament final match. Mainly, I would like to say that we should work hard along with networking. The reason is, we need to start connecting to exchange information, ideas and opportunities and become more progressive. Let’s work hard, maintain a network and give our best effort be it in sports, business education or employment” said IGP IK Muivah (IPS) Manipur Police, on the last day of the tournament as a Chief Guest.

Yaoreipam Mashangva, BJP Intending Candidate, 22-Riha Loutei DCC, Ukhrul, and John Hungyo, Headmaster, Primary School, New Cannan, and Wungnaopam Jajo, Entrepreneur came and grace the occasion as special guest.

The Irong team lifted the volleyball tournament champion trophy with a cash price of Rs 30,000. Leikoiching secured the 1st runners-up and received a Rs 15,000 cash prize. 2nd runners-up go to Muirei with a cash prize of Rs 10,000.

Individual awards of the tournament were begged by Khayuingam Ningshen for Best Player from Irong Village, Mahaiso Ningshen for Best Spiker from Muirei village, Horapui for Best Blocker, from Leikoiching village, and Sapai L for Best Setter, from Hungpung village. All of them were awarded a cash prize of Rs 1000 each.

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