Tangkhul Naga Long Leihsak Committee Urges sellers to maintain price rates

Photo: Vegetable stall in Ukhrul, Manipur / Ukhrul Times

Ukhrul: The Tangkhul Naga Long Leihsak Committee has issued a directive to all shopkeepers, urging them to maintain the same price rates as before the onset of the Manipur clash. The committee emphasizes the importance of fair pricing during these challenging times and aims to protect the interests of consumers.

As announced in PA by the committee, the shopkeepers are advised to prominently display price boards to ensure transparency in pricing. This measure will allow consumers to easily identify any discrepancies and lodge complaints if the prices exceed the standard rates. The committee emphasizes that any individual can submit a complaint if they come across shopkeepers who are not adhering to the price board.

This directive comes in the midst of complaints from the public over unwarranted price hikes. It appears that some shopkeepers have taken advantage of the prevailing situation to increase prices, causing hardships for consumers.

The TNL warns that shopkeepers found guilty of engaging in unethical practices will face penalties.

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