Tangkhul Shanao Long condemns May 24 mob assault episode

File photo: Imphal

Ukhrul, May 26: The Tangkhul Shanao Long (Association of all Tangkhul women) has condemned in the strongest term, the May 24 incident that occurred at kwaikeithel bazaar Imphal, where four of Tangkhul women were assaulted by a mob on their way to the airport to travel to Mumbai.

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“As their vehicle stopped in the traffic congestion, a mob consisting of both men and women came and attacked them with iron bars. They were dragged down from the vehicle by their hair, their clothes including their undergarments were ripped. To save themselves, the girls shouted they are Tangkhul, but the mob responded with domineering words like You Nagas, You killers. Their belongings were checked, strewn and their bags were ripped apart. They were then taken to a secluded place and released after traumatizing them physically and mentally,” TSL said.

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The Tangkhul Shanao Long also added that the four women after the harrowing mob experience were stopped again by armed persons and threatened by loading and unloading their guns and let go only when they pleaded they are from Ukhrul, adding that the women are being treated at Health Care Diagnostic Centre Mumbai.

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The Tangkhul Shanao Long said it is appalled at such carnage and an unprecedented time where the women are active actors and agents of violence and even abetting their men to commit heinous crime and acts of violating tribal women. 

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“It is shocking that the streets are still ruled by mobs and tribals are unsafe in Imphal city even in broad daylight,” TSL rued.

Furthermore, the TSL also condemned the apology of COCOMI calling it “superficial apology” for the reason that the Meetei CSO in its apology said “there was confusion in the identity as if it is alright to attack other lives and people.”

TSL also said that the communal attack on any identity and ethnic group should stop.

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