Tangkhul Trade and Commerce Council conducts surprise check in Shops and Godowns in Ukhrul

Expired items, details of manufactured dates found missing; Certain non- essential items were unavailable in shops but were found in major gowdowns.


The Tangkhul Leisak Long (TLL), Trade and Commerce Council on Wednesday conducted a surprise check in Ukhrul Town shops as part of their routine observation to regulate rates and quality check essential commodities sold in the town.

TLL President, A S Peacemoon Zimik, informed that prices on essential items varied largely in all the shops. He also informed that stocks are still available in godowns.

TLL team in the surprise check, discovered that expired items, details of manufactured dates were found missing. According to the TLL team, certain non- essential items were unavailable in shops but were found in major gowdowns. Amid the pandemic, sellers hoarding goods for price hike is punishable by law.

It also informed that cooking oil price varied from shop to shop which TLL informed will be put in the agenda for discussion on the Trade and Commerce Council general assembly to be held on April 24, 2021 at Town hall. Public views on the given rates are welcome, it said.

Peacemoon informed that explaination call to certain shopkeepers are being summoned for the above reasons.

The list of items found in Ukhrul depending on different shops and brands are quoted below by TLL.

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Essential items in controlled rate:
1. Daal 1 kg Rs. 90
2. Cooking oil ( 1ltr) RS 150/160
3. Cooking oil (750/800ml) Rs. 140/150
4. Superfine rice Rs 1000/1150.
5. Chicken feed per bag Rs. 2400/2450/2350.
6. Sugar 1kg Rs.50
7. Onion 1Kg Rs. 40/50
8. Garlic 1kg Rs 140/150
9. Ngahei fish 1Kg Rs 180/200
10. Rao fish 1Kg Rs.200.

TLL will always work for the welfare of the consumers. Right to healthy food, to avoid price hike, avoid black marketing and against hoarding of goods is TLL main priority, the President informed.

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