Telling tea story with a calendar


Nava Thakuria

What would the world do without tea! That was an important line from a chapter in the textbook, which our high school teacher pronounced dramatically. Our beloved English teacher also threw light on Sydney Smith, the 18th century British writer, who penned the chapter adding many reflective sentences like- Thank God for tea! I am glad I was not born before tea, etc. But till then we had partial ideas about the tea and its garden, not to speak of varied ways of its preparation. Being a resident of Kamrup, I never saw a tea garden till my college days and knew only one way of preparing tea that’s with milk and sugar. My idea of tea garden along with the plantation community was limited to some books, novels and Assamese movies only.

So for me (probably for many in western Assam) tea remains an unknown world that needs to be discovered. Various reporting assignments led me to tea plantations in the eastern part of our State from time to time, but I continue nurturing a fantasy to live in one big tea garden for days with no outer communications. That instinct attracts me to anything that narrates the tea stories. So thus the table calendar, published by AMTRON (Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd, an Assam government undertaking as a nodal implementing agency for the information technology department) for the Gregorian calendar year 2024, dedicated to Assam Tea enriched with a legacy of 200 glorious years.

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Prepared in both English and Assamese languages, the attractive calendar put a voluminous text along with splendid paintings on the history of tea and its enormous contribution to Assamese society in particular. It’s a decade long

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