The Right Thing



He met a girl at Shirui Kashong, lonely and sad,

Who wanted to know how much land he had;

“Enough to bury me at least,” he tried to be funny.

She said, “I want a lovely valley with bees and honey.”

He said she was right.

He met another girl by the Loktak lake, coy and fair,

Who wanted to know how much he earned a year;

“Enough to feed myself,” he told her the truth,

“How will you run a good family then?” said she, Ruth.

He said she was right.

He chanced upon a girl from JNU, smart and savvy,

Who said a mere graduate for her was too chavvy;

“But I am just a second class BA,” he said honestly,

“Then we are poles apart,” she cried ruefully.

He said she was right.

He also once knew a girl, a sizzling beauty,

Who wanted to know why he was bald and ugly;

He said he really didn’t know the answer of her question,

She said, “I like guys with dark hair, up-to-date in fashion”

He said she was right.

He met a girl in an airport, simple and plain,

Who asked where he was going in a plane;

“Looking out for something worthwhile to do – 

Life is full of disapprovals without a work or two.”

She said he was right.



LitWeekend invites short stories, folklores, poems and anecdotes with objectives of instilling reading culture, promoting literary and aesthetic creativity, besides honing aspiring writers of our region.

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