This Thai traveller, May Numpetch visits Ukhrul for the first time & falls in love with the place and its people


UT Travel People: This is what May Numpetch said about Ukhurl

To be honest, I have never imagined that such a place that is surrounded by mountains and nature which is so far away from the hectic city (Imphal) and from big buildings.

There’d still be some small group of people gathering together, entertaining to each other and inspiring each other with the art of music. What I really found here is “Happiness”.

It doesn’t matter whether we are a big group of people or whether the show is huge or magnificent or not. But the important thing is “Happiness” that we share and laugh together here is Ukhrul, Manipur, India.

Three words from this trip to cherish she said is –“Friends art and journey”.

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