TIPRA chief, Pradyot Kishore says political violence, gift of communist culture

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Agartala: Chairman of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council advisory committee and chief of TIPRA Motha, Pradyot Kishore Debbarman claimed that violence had become ingrained in Tripura’s political culture as a result of the Left’s extended control.

“Violence is a communist culture. Once something becomes a part and parcel of the culture, it remains no matter what party is at the helm of affairs now. The way caste violence is a part of the culture in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, political violence has evolved in Tripura and West Bengal as the feft ruled these states for a long period of time,” Pradyot asserted.

Addressing a press conference at Rajanadar in Agartala, Pradyot stated that TIPRA Motha, a major political party in Tripura’s tribal-dominated districts, has planned a public meeting at the Swami Vivekananda stadium of Agartala.

“We are organizing a public meeting at Swami Vivekananda stadium to convey a message to the central government. We are demanding constitutional solutions for our demand for Greater Tipraland. Through the rally we shall also place the demand of early elections in the Village Committees that have expired long back,” he pointed out.

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Debbarman also vowed to take the matter to the High Court if the results were not announced right away. “We shall wait for another week.” The state government treats the TTAADC like a stepchild, and funding was insufficient to keep the administration running smoothly.

“We want to put light to the real picture. TTAADC areas cover 75 per cent of the geographical area of the state while the funding patterns for these areas are shocking. If compared with the state, only 10 per cent of government money is spent for the people living in TTAADC which is really unfortunate,” said Debbarman.

He also reacted to the wide range of allegations he evoked of being communal or anti-Bengali and said, “I am not against anyone. We shall move ahead with our goal and other communities will live here peacefully. We are not speaking against anyone, we are speaking for ourselves”.

The royal scion further mentioned how the TTAADC is short on cash and stated that the Indian government should pay attention to their needs.

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