TMNL begins cleanliness drive for Clean & Beautiful Ukhrul

Ukhrul: Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), the apex body of the Tangkhul Youth, organised a Cleanliness Drive movement in Ukhrul Town, on the April 9 for healthy living. The drive aims to encourage people in town to maintain hygiene and have a civic sense to live together happily in the society.

“The idea is to maintain our motherland clean and a beautiful for the overall wellbeing of our society, starting from the Tangkhul Headquarters, Ukhrul Town. I appeal to all the people of different villages, communities living here to give full cooperation and maintain law and ethics in their profession, be it businesses, customers professionals and more,” said Somatai Machinao, president, TMNL.

TMNL president along with his office bearers and representatives from each locality & youths voluntarily joined the movement in support of the cause. They walked under the theme ‘Clean Ukhrul, Beautiful Ukhrul’ with a powerful slogan in Tangkhul Language ‘Tharsa, Phasa Mathasa, Okpeimeisa’, meaning ‘Let’s be Clean, Let’s be Let’s be Healthy, Live Long!

The enthusiastic youths picked up the waste and garbage littered in the town, senselessly thrown on the road. They started from Tangrei, Hunphun to Dungrei, Hungpung under the scorching heat from afternoon till evening.

“I salute this kind of initiative. This should have been done long back,” said Thanmiwon Ngalungnso, a 62-year-old homemaker.

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To fulfill their mission, the following points were made in the public announcement:

1) Request to maintain dustbin in every household & locality.
2) Request to keep the roads clean by every locality.
3) Request every locality to plant flowers and trees.
4) Request every shop owner to keep the area clean.
5) Request the concerned authorities to clear the dustbin or garbage area on time and to look into the matter diligently.
6) Request the shop owners not to sell expired goods.
7) Request the pharmacies to avoid selling unhealthy drugs.
8) Request to keep sanitisers in the shop.
9) Request to the hotels & those dealing with the food sector to maintain the hygiene standard, wash hands often and also provide facilities for the customers to wash hands.
10) Request the customers and citizens not to throw the garbage on the road.
11) TMNL volunteers will come for checking. If the above-mentioned points are not maintained, relevant action will be imposed.
12) Request the people to apply civic sense in their daily living and respect the larger interest of the community to live together happily in the society.

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