TNL assents excommunication against those challenging house verdict

TNL Emergency House Sitting held on Wednesday resolved to assent excommunication against those challenging House resolution order under section 114 (excommunication/Khangareng) of TNL customary practices (read as Shiyan -Chikan)


TNL emergency house sitting on Wednesday decreed excommunication against those challenging the house standing order under Section 114 which specifically focuses with excommunication based on TNL customary practices (shiyan- chikan).

The house in unison resolved to excommunicate the following people including Hunphun headman and all his executives (hangva), Hunphun TNL representatives, proforma defendants, petitioners of the case namely principal Ukhrul higher secondary school and Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) Ukhrul.

Attended by 98 percent of the total 598 TNL representatives, the House while recalling the infamous February 24 episode decried that its representatives were prevented by Hunphun headman -led people from exercising house mandated boundary inspection and boundary pillar erection, in addition to announcing that there is not an inch of so called land of TNL, the house maintained.

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The house resolution also futher stated that they took serious note of dismantling of boundary pillar and the acts of trying to annex TNL land to department of education, Government of Manipur (GoM).

Asserting that the proposed boundary inspection and boundary pillar erection to be taken up by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) representatives on February 24 was in keeping with 23 October, 2020 House sitting resolution 4 (B), the house while registering their condemnation had resolved to issue excommunication against those challenging (khangasung meaning challenge) the House verdict under excommunication (khangareng) section 144 of the TNL customary practices (shiyan-chikan).

Some of the penalties imposed or levied under Section 114 are: An excommunicated person (s) or fellow (g) must pay 5,000 each as penalty and if at all anything is due that must also be duly paid off. (h) if such person(s) or people humble down and beg for forgiveness, it will be granted upon paying 5,000 to the concerned village/long or shall pay 5,000 each. Upon paying whichever is due, such person (s) or people can only be accepted back to the village or long; forbidden from all social, public, business activities.

It may be noted that on March 1, 2021, Assembly Affairs, TNL had notified all the Village chiefs and chairman to compulsorily attend the emergency sitting on 10 March and directed, given absentee, that it would not entertained their courtesy call when faced with any untoward eventualities should anyone stay aloof from the set assembly meeting.

As per TNL Longshim sitting 2nd session resolution No. 4. (B) held on 23 October, 2020, the House had resolved to carry out boundary inspection and boundary pillar erection on 24 February, 2021. It had also directed and warned to all the village chiefs/headmen and TNL representatives to attend the Kumpei Kazip without fail.

The resolution further directed TNL land committee and its executives (Phungva) to have kept land observer on or before 10 February, 2021 for joint inspection of TNL encroach land. It had also mandated the speaker to set the date in consultation with president before Kumpei House/Assembly Sitting scheduled on 23 February, 2021.

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