TNZL elects AS Nathan as new president


Ukhrul: AS Nathan s/o AS Thuingalem of Khayang village, Kamjong district, has been elected as the new president of Tangkhul Naga Zingsho Longphang (TNZL) for the period 2023 – 2027.

Born on 21 March 1983, the 40-year-old AS Nathan defeated the other three candidates by a huge margin. Out of 159 votes cast, AS Nathan received 80 votes, Somatai Machinao received 31 votes, Varemi Ansenra 28 votes and Wungnaopam Kasomwoshi 17 votes. Three votes were declared invalid.

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Coming from a social activist background, AS Nathan served as president of Sambu Raiping Long (SRL) in 2016-18, president of Sambu Raiping Katamnao Long (SRKL) in 2014-15, and Assembly Speaker of Zingsho Katamnao Long (ZKL) in 2013.

AS Nathan aims to build a peaceful and progressive generation in all spheres for better Zingsho in particular and Tangkhul as a whole. He aims to strengthen village-level administration, to reform and regain the honourable/sanctity status of Zingsho Longphang through coordination with all sections of the people. To safeguard the political and cultural rights of the Tangkhuls and to fulfil the given responsibilities as enshrined in the constitution of Tangkhul Naga Long.

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AS Nathan conveys immense gratitude to his supporters and the people of Zingsho promises to work for the welfare of the people of Zingsho and appeals to the people of Zingsho to extend their undivided cooperation even in the days to come.

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