Tumuyon Khullen village supports ‘War on Drugs’ in their area, destroys poppy plantations

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Senapati: The Tumuyon Khullen Village Authority had reportedly destroyed poppy cultivation in large scale within their jurisdiction in support of the initiative of Biren led government on War on Drugs.

RK. Lovingson, Secretary, Tumuyon Khullen Village Authority council stated that the village authority council of Tumuyon Khullen village along with the village Youth Club in the past had destroyed all poppy plantations around their jurisdiction which would amount to 45-50 crores in the national market. The poppy fields measuring round about 10 hectare within their jurisdiction was destroyed consecutively for 3-4 days for 6 times of destruction that took place in the past where some tenants and outsiders forcefully continue to plant poppy even after repeated warnings had been served not to continue such plantation within their jurisdiction. The village secretary further assured the state Govt that they will continue to co-operate the mission War against Drugs in their jurisdiction even in future which is being initiated under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh. RK. Lovingson urged all to make the state free from drugs in order to save the future of the younger generations.

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In a letter addressed to chief minister, Manipur in support of “War against Drugs,” A. Maraiba, Chairman and RK. Lovingson, Secretary of Tumuyon Khullen village stated that the village authority had organised sensitization mission against the illegal plantation of poppy cultivation where the village authority in collaboration with the village Youth Club (TKYC) had destroyed poppy cultivation in large scale within their jurisdiction acting as an agent and support to the so called War against Drugs mission.

The village authority is reported to have been continuously conducting actions and to be instrumental in the mission as vigilance by checking to root out the illegal plantation of poppy, acting locally by organizing big numbers of youth participation in War on Drugs mission at different stages on the basis of participation and quality monitoring system through tours and reaching out adventure like climb foot hills at their own expenses. While the Tumuyon Khullen village is in much co-operation with the state government in fighting war against drugs, the villagers want Manipur state to be a drug free state forever. The village is also reported to organise seminars on War against Drugs including press conference to fight against poppy plantation in collaboration with the village youth club.


The letter was handed over by the village chairman to the state chief minister through the DC, Kangpokpi. Placards in scripted with “Let’s make our state free from Drugs, Drug users kill their own selves, Be proud of yourself and say ‘NO’ to Drugs, Don’t let drugs keep you from your dreams, Let’s make a difference, don’t get drug addictions, Give hugs, Not drugs, Quit drugs, choose life, Kick off the drugs before it kicks you down and Say No to Drugs, Yes to life” were held during the submission of the letter.

Kengoo Zuringla, DC, Kangpokpi expressed her happiness to witness what the villagers have been doing since the last 3-4 days where the youth are actively involved in the destruction to choose “Life” over drugs. The DC also lauded the village youth to have taken such initiative while the DC also encourages other villages also to come up and take such step so that the life of the youth are safe from danger and also from many other diseases that can occur from use of narcotics and drugs.

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