Two-day anti drug awareness campaign held at Hongmahn village

Kangpokpi: The 8th awareness anti drug programme headed by Baptist Churches Forum Ukhrul and Khaurui Churches Fellowship in coordination with Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), and NGOs working on the issue was held at Hongmahn village from September 26 and 27.

Four villages from Khaurui area and eight Tangkhul churches from Imphal, including headmen and village authority members, pastors and church leaders, representatives from Tangkhul People Organization Imphal, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Imphal, Tangkhul Shanao Long Imphal, Women leaders and youth leaders from participating villages and churches attended the programme.

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Wungreiso Shangh, programme manager FXB India, led the discussion hour where the participants had a long discussion on drug abuse scenario in the area, on what can be done for prevention of children and youth from falling into this trap of addiction, how they should help the persons who are already trapped in drug addiction.

Miss Yungsemla Vashi, general secretary of TSL; Somatai Machinao, president of TMNL; Philazan Vashum, president of TSL Imphal and others shared realities, strategies and ways for prevention and curative measures on drug abuse.

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In order to carry forward the suggested steps to fight and stop the menace of drug, a committee for the area covering 4 villages and 8 churches in Imphal was formed. The newly formed members are president, UTBCI as convener, president, Tangkhul People Organisation; president, TSL Imphal; president, TKL Imphal; president, Khaurui Churches Fellowship; headman of Hongmahn, Mapao Zingsho and Mapao Zingtun as members.

The Committee will henceforth spearhead the campaign against drug abuse and initiate various steps in fighting against drug abuse in the area.

Rev. Remember Rimai, chairman of Baptist Churches Forum Ukhrul concluded the consultation with highlights of the ongoing journey and way forward of the campaign. The meeting concluded with Rev. Ngamlei Zimik, president of Khaurui Churches Fellowship, saying the benediction.

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