Two days Seminar on, “Animal husbandry” Concluded today in Ukhrul District

A two day seminar from January 29-30, 2021 on “Animal Husbandry with special reference to rearing Cows, Buffaloes, Chickens and Pigs” was organised by Ukhrul Hill Development Foundation (UHDF) & Mikpingla Industries (MPI) in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary, Govt. of Manipur (funded by NEC, Shillong) successfully concluded on Saturday at Ukhrul district, Manipur.

The Covid-19 disruption unequivocally created an unstable socio-economic situation even at far-flung village farmers’ level and its impact has already been experienced. Returnees’ fate owing to the pandemic is also increasingly getting perplexed as most of them do not wish to go back to the cities if the alternative means of livelihood in the district could be arranged. Considering the needs and demand of the people, UHDF & MPI in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary, Govt. of Manipur organised the said program funded by NEC, Shillong.

Animal husbandry seminar
Mr. Peacemoon Zimik, Director, Career pathfinder

The programme was attended by 65 participants with 6 speakers and 9 organisers of which there were 30 Covid-19 returnees. Mr. Peacemoon Zimik, Director, Career pathfinder was the moderator of the seminar while Mr. Ningchui G. Shatsang, Managing director/CEO, UHDF, and MPI elaborated the fundamental comprehensive objectives of the programme in his keynote address.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr. L. Cojen Singh, Joint Director, DVO, Bishnupur, Govt. of Manipur lamenting the irreparable impact of Covid-19 on socio-economic development in the state which will take years to restore normal life, motivated the participants with convincing prospects of dairy farming and its importance which can be used as alternative means of livelihoods.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bhubaneswar Singh, Specialist, fodder encouraged the participants to rear pigs as it is one of the fastest-growing businesses especially given the tribal hill population meat demand. He further stressed on the scientific rearing of animals which would demand extensive labor and time consuming but elaborated on the upsides in business.

Th. Chaas Mangilal, project officer, another resource person advised the participants to focus on dairy farming which can be a lucrative business in the district as each household consumes milk on a daily basis. While Dr. Kh. Rajen Singh, a specialist of poultry, DVO, Govt. of Manipur gave an inspirational comprehensive guideline on how to be a successful entrepreneur out of a poultry farm. The poultry farm is a common business in the state that can be run by every household with less expenditure and effort which is suitable for every interested normal person, he further commented.

Animal husbandry seminar

As a conclusion remarked, Mr. Yaruingam Ningshen, Director, YRP, Ukhrul, one of the resource persons said that entrepreneurship is one aspect that can take the society to the highest level of community’s economy which every unemployed youth should dream for. To be an entrepreneur, one should have its own products and know about the proper marketing strategy which will help push to alleviate the poverty of the community, he added. Mr. Ningshen also said there are several farmers schemes on agro-based produce introduced by the present central government in recent time in which every participant is eligible to enjoy if a particular entrepreneur or individual is seriously interested.

On the last day of the two day seminar, few medicines for animals and cash in the form of stipend were also distributed to participants as a token of encouragement to the participants.

The programme concluded on Saturday with vote of thanks by Mrs. Elflieda, staff, UHDF. If NEC, Shillong, under Ministry of MDONER, continues to financially assist the people in the district, the community will economically transform in the near future as today’s programme has extremely motivated and left an immense stimulating impact in the minds of the participants which will slowly but surely inculcate the participants to do something for their livelihoods, she further added.

Ningchui Shatsang

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