UHSS Outperforms Other Schools in Ukhrul District


Ukhrul: Ukhrul Higher Secondary School (UHSS), the lone government higher secondary school in Ukhrul Town, outperformed the rest of the schools in Ukhrul District in the Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur Examination 2024.

UHSS felicitated the top five students from their school who excelled in the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur Examination 2024, during a ceremony held at the school’s hall on Tuesday in Ukhrul Headquarters.

The program was organized to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the students and the teaching staff of Ukhrul Higher Secondary School.

The top student of Ukhrul District, Ningpen Huileng, achieved a remarkable 92% in the science stream, securing star marks in Physics, Maths, English, Tangkhul, and letter marks in Computer Science.

Other notable performers included Mansak Shimrah, who secured 83.8% in the science stream, with star marks in English and Tangkhul and letter marks in Physics and Chemistry. Mishak Huileng achieved 80.2% in the science stream, earning letter marks in Tangkhul, Physics, Computer Science, and Maths. Sobi Makung scored 80% in the science stream, with star marks in Tangkhul and letter marks in English and Geology. Tonoubi Saka secured 79.4% in the arts stream, earning star marks in English and letter marks in Alternative English and Political Science.

Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Kengoo Zuringla, lauded and congratulated all the successful candidates. She said, “Parents sacrifice everything for their children. We should be grateful to our pa

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