Ukhrul District Sports Association organises the 29th Shirui Lily Cup

“Tangkhuls have been playing football since the 1st World War. Tangkhuls are the pioneer football players in Manipur but it seems like we have lacked behind,” said Alfred Arthur, President UDSA.

The 29th Shirui Lily Cup 2021, National Level Football Tournament commenced today at Mini Stadium, Ukhrul Headquarters. The tournament is organized by Ukhrul District Sports Association (UDSA).

The chief guest for the occasion was Dr Somi Sareo, football promoter, a respected senior citizen in the football fraternity. The special guests were YL Grawford, Kangrei Vasah, S Barring, Raishim Ragui, Chinaochung Luikham, Yangkahao Pheiray and Amatuer Zingkhai. These are the footballers and sports persons of yesteryears and senior members of UDSA. A two minutes of silence for the departed members of UDSA was observed.


Sarimaya Hunphunwo, Headman of Hunphun Village graced the occasion along with Principal of Ukhrul Higher Secondary School, president of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Manoj Kumar Shinde, CO 35 Assam Rifle, also a member of the organizing committee, and Lt. Col. John Sherry, General Manager NHIDCL.

Rev Zaklei Kaping, Pastor, Phungyo Baptist Church (PBC) blessed the opening of Shirui Lily cup 2021. He thanked the almighty for Mr Logen, an engineer, who started the Shirui Lily cup 29 years ago.

Then the chief guest hoisted the flag with a solemn Tangkhul anthem, “Ili pharasang kahai ngaleili”.

Somipam Lungleng, Co-Chairman, Organizing Committee Shirui Lily Cup, welcomed the dignitaries and everyone present there. “Let us not forget fair play,” said Lungleng to the coaches, referee, and all the players.

Alfred Kanngam Arthur (MLA), President UDSA in his presidential address said that, “We at UDSA are organizing this tournament after several years not only for the interest and love of sports but as we are entrusted with regard to all sporting activities. Just before the 2 nd lockdown this year, we decided to organize this cup, to promote sports activities for a healthier lifestyle, better mindset, and clearer perspective”.

He explained “fair play” as mentioned by Somipam Lungleng in his welcome speech. He said, “The entire concept of fair play is ‘It’s not only may the best man win but may every man give his or her best’ that is what it means. You give your best and your best is enough,” he said.

“Tangkhuls have been playing football since the 1st World War. Tangkhuls are the pioneer football players in Manipur but it seems like we have lacked behind. So to strengthen this and actually make sure that we build the foundation from the village level we started with something that can be related by everyone: Football, not as sports alone but as a sport which brings the people together. For decades and decades the seniors and elders have carried the lantern without letting it burn out,” Alfred Arthur added.

Then he requested participation from everyone in the village or headquarters to show that we are a progressive and inclusive moving community.

“With cooperation from the community, I hope that in these nearly 10 days everyone will enjoy it, especially the players coming from outside Ukhrul. Let them not say that they have won or lost but that the people of Ukhrul have won the players heart and tell their people that Ukhrul is a place to visit in the time to come,” he concluded.

Somipam Lungleng said, “I am not a sports person but I have a great interest in sports. When I met a football player, Aleng Shimray, I got to participate in sports. So when the Shirui Lily cup was held I asked the Hunphun Headman to take part. When Awungtang participated in the Shirui cup we got to win. And when I moved to Viewland, the players asked me to lead them. There we got to win several games. These are some of my jubilations.”

Shanthing Shingnaisui First Tangkhul Lady Referee
Shanthing Shingnaisui, First Tangkhul Lady Referee. (Photo: UT)

Then felicitation for the following footballers who have have thrown light on football was held-

  1. Wungayam Muirang, Benglaru FC,
  2. Hormipam Ruivah, Kerela Blasters,
  3. Chanso Horam, Mumbai City,
  4. Shanthing Shingnaisui, First Tangkhul Lady Referee and currently playing for a league.

The game officially commenced with a kickoff from the chief guest.

The first match was played between United Brother FC from Ukhrul District and Phungyar FC from Phungyar. United Brothers FC won with a score of 2-0.

Match scheduled for tomorrow: Pasi FC from Ukhrul District and KLASA FC from Imphal at 1 pm.

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