Ukhrul has potential to host Mountain Biking (MTB) World Cup

(Photo: Kahorpam Horam)

Ukhrul: The Shirui Lily State Festival 2022 is all set to witness the 4th Edition of the MTB Downhill Race, unique to Ukhrul. 22 Cyclist from across India has confirmed participation, who will go head to head in a stiff competition from May 25 till 28 in Manipur’s beloved hill destination, Ukhrul.

MTB Downhill was first introduced in Manipur during the Shirui Lily State Festival 2017 by team Chiko Adventures. Chiko Adventures team is based in Ukhrul District of Manipur working on promoting adventure and Eco tourism in the state since 2016.

There are different types of MTB races and out of which the most popular ones are MTB Downhill, MTB Enduro and MTB Cross country. All these races are apt only for mountains and rough terrains wherein the cyclists are tested for fitness, endurance, speed and high level of cycling skills, which is why, MTB cycling is considered as one of the toughest and most popular cycling competitions.

The MTB Downhill race organized by Chiko Adventures has grown from a district level to a National level race in terms of participation. During the 3rd Edition of the race in 2019, participation from 10 different states of India arrived and competed. The cyclists are very happy with the race track and the quality of the race.

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Chiko Adventures team is confident, with support from all the stakeholders, locals and the government, Ukhrul can become one of the next destinations for MTB races and events in the country, in the sub-continent, and has the potential to host an event, such as MTB World cup in the future.

So far, Chiko Adventures has not received enough support or funding despite the high potential MTB Downhill Race has, given how Ukhrul is uniquely and strategically placed in the sporting event.

Thousands of visitors flock to Jorcheng, Lunghar to witness the race during the festival. The team is all prepared to host a successful race this year.

The 4th Edition of the MTB Downhill Race 2022 will have three categories this year and the races track will be busy everyday from May 25-28 during the festival.

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