Ukhrul: MLA Ram Muivah extends solidarity to the 3 businesses gutted in fire

Ukhrul: MLA Ram Muivah IAS (Retd.) 44-Ukhrul (ST) assembly constituency visited the three shops which were gutted after a massive fire that broke out on July 5 around 7:30 PM in Viewland Zone-2 in Ukhrul town. The district MLA met the three shop tenants including the owners of the shops. He extended tokens to show his care, love and concern to them after the unfortunate fire incident that incurred a huge loss in terms of lakhs.

Ram Muivah said, “I come here to give my moral support and solidarity to our sister Flora Yangya, brother Thanreingam Rungsung and Ramyao Maluksho as all their goods in the shop burnt down. I have informed Additional Deputy Commissioner, SDO and DC even though he is on leave, and Rita Leiyaphi, Director of Disaster Management. I am deeply saddened to hear the news. As this unfortunate incident took place accidentally, I have meet the concerned authorities and spoken with them to get their support and help.”

In the devastating fire that broke out, three shops were completely gutted. The shops include two pre-loved apparel shops – SS Store and Ethan Store, and a Preview Collection shop with a mix of apparel, and bicycles along with bicycle parts/accessories were completely burnt down to ashes at around 7:30 PM.

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No one knows the exact reason behind the cause of the fire as the shops were all locked and bolted from the outside. The shop owners believe that it could have been due to an electrical short circuit.

According to Yuimihor Zimik who is a neighbour and the first eye-witnessed of the incident said, “Just after our family had dinner, I went to the kitchen and smelled the burning of heavy smoke. So I went out to check from where the smoke came from as it could not have been from our kitchen since we didn’t make fire. Then I saw the shops burning from the inside. Immediately, I informed the house owner of the shops. As there was a passer-by on the road since it’s a commercial area, as well as many came to help. I don’t know who informed them but locals, the Assam Rifles and two fire brigades came and doused the fire at around 8:30 PM. As we were panicking, we lost tack of time. The fire lasted fro around 45 minutes.”

The owners of the shops expressing dismay over the misfortune with teary eye and painful voice told this reporter, “As human beings, this unfortunate incident massively taken a toll on our finances as we survive by running the small business. I cannot imagine how shall we manage our lives from food to shelter and everything to run the family. New arrival of pre-loved products was selling and another new unpacked stock was there. I can’t find words to express how sad we are and can’t even imagine getting a new shop as we are not in a position to do so. If our beloved friends and well-wishers could help, we will be very grateful,” said Flora Yangya, proprietor, SS Store who is from Paorei village.”

When the shop burnt down on July 5 night, we never expected that such thing will happen. Since we make our living with this shop, we are helpless now. We need your love, sympathy and help,” said Ramya Maluksho, proprietor, Ethan Store from Poi village.

“As the shops have been burnt down, we are in deep pain. We live hand to mouth from the earnings on the shop. But the small assets that we have is all gone. Therefore let your love and sympathy reach us,” said Thanreingam Rungsung, proprietor, Preview Collection who is from Tingshong village.

An estimate of around 7 lakhs worth of products each for SS Store and Ethan Store are at loss, and over 7,20,000 of loss for Preview Collection was gutted in the fire, according to the written reports given by the three shops.

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