Ukhrul Town Gets a Face-lift with Project ‘Paint Ukhrul’

Ram Muivah: "Ukhrul town is the Jerusalem of Manipur. Christianity started here. Education in the hill area also started here; There is a silent cultural renaissance taking place."

Project ‘Paint Ukhrul’ was held at Mini Secretariat, Hamleikhong, Ukhrul yesterday. It was a movement of art in the history of Tangkhul Naga and a call for artists in town. The project was initiated by the Naga Wire, a non-profit organisation and Tented Art village founded by a professional artist, Sorei Keishing.

Ram (Ramnganing) Muivah, IAS (R), intending MLA candidate for 44-Ukhrul AC inspected the artwork and shared his thought on the occasion, “At the outset, I would like to compliment and salute Lemyao and Sorei Keishing and your group of artists. It is a yeomen service you are rendering to Ukhrul town. I salute all of you. I truly appreciate your effort. Ukhrul town is going to be the most beautiful town in the northeast because of you and a group of a budding artists. So I am here to be with you. I feel deeply honoured that you have invited me. It’s a kind of a noble service you are rendering to our beloved Ukhrul town. Ukhrul town is the Jerusalem of Manipur. Christianity started here. Education in the hill area also started here. So Ukhrul town must be kept more beautiful. Today is a red latter-day for Ukhrul because we will never forget it. From today we are going to do this painting ‘Paint Ukhrul’ and my slogan is also ‘Mission Ukhrul’. You and I are on a mission. Never forget we have the vision. I will be with you in whatever I can in my humble way. I will always be there. My door is open. I am deeply honoured and I am very happy with the kind of work you are doing. I wish you all the best. I salute you and compliment all of you.”

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Sorei Keishing, Ram Muivah, Lemyao.

Ram Muivah continued and added, “You know, I have a sense of mission to transform Ukhrul. Together with all of you. I cannot do it alone. But if you give me the chance I have a sense of mission to transform our people, our land. I believe that Ukhrul has a sense of destiny. I believe that we have a cusp of great changes in Ukhrul. There is a silent cultural renaissance taking place. I have found one of the best singers in the Northeast, the Tangkhul singers. I use to listen to music. Some of the talented artist and best artist is in Ukhrul. There is a silent cultural renaissance taking place. Ukhrul deserves better. It is my vision to restore the self-respect of our people. Let us restore the past glory of Ukhrul. That is my mission. Together with all the people of Ukhrul, with the people of Manipur, I would like to transform Ukhrul and our people. Thank you and congratulations! My salute and kudos once again.

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Sorei said, “About 30 artists participated in the Paint Ukhrul project. Three of them haven’t done any formal work and I have checked their work. Their work quality is at high level, very professional. We will be coming up with the art resort. Each art has a theme. The art theme which we picked for this event is about nature, culture and society.”

The budding artist in Ukhrul town had an exciting day. “This is my first time to participated in this kind of event. I am very glad to practise my passion through this art, said one of the artists.

“We are doing this as part of cleanliness drive and also to attract tourism. We want to empower the youth as well. The project Paint Ukhrul will continue till 2023,” concluded Lemyao.

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