UNC disowns representation by 8 Naga legislators

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Senapati: The United Naga Council in a press statement had clarified that the Naga legislators who had appended their signatures in the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister on August 9 disowned their representation stating that they do not carry collective aspirations and sentiments of the Nagas.

In a press release issued from the Publicity Wing of the United Naga Council, it stated that the UNC is devastated by the untimely move of eight (8) Naga legislators submitting Representation to the Prime Minister of India along with 32 others simultaneously on the day of the Naga Peoples Rally organized in the Naga hill districts of Manipur.

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The UNC termed such signatures as negating the collective sentiments of the Naga populace. It is worth mentioning here that the rally was organized under the aegis of the United Naga Council for exercising Government of India’s political will to resolve the long drawn IndoNaga political conflict in the true spirit of 3rd August, 2015 Framework Agreement between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN).

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Whilst the Nagas are all out reiterating for an inclusive, acceptable and honourable solution to the Indo-Naga political issue, submitting representation with some contradictory demands to the Prime Minister of India is highly uncalled for and therefore, the UNC as the apex body representing 20 Naga tribes of Manipur feels necessitated to place on record that the Naga legislators who have appended their signatures do not carry the collective aspirations and sentiments of the Nagas and hence disowned their representation.

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