UNC warns people of elements not to drag Nagas in the ongoing conflict in Manipur

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Senapati, July 6: Terming strongly against anyone trying to drag in the Nagas into the conflict zone, the United Naga Council (UNC) said it is perturbed at a foul play being meddled in the past incidence.

In a press communique issued from the Information & Publicity Cell, the UNC stated that it vehemently condemned the press statement issued in the local English daily on July 2, 2023 in the name of Manipur Patriotic Party, and press clarification by MPP on the following day leveling an accusation to one Ally Shimray, one of the administrators of “Southern Nagalim.”

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The United Naga Council as an apex body of the 20 Naga tribes said it is perturbed at a foul play being meddled to drag in the Nagas in the conflict zone.

“One should not be so oblivious that UNC has been playing a neutral role without being bias to both the communities. Allegation and counter allegation against each other and washing one’s hand like Pilot by both the individuals in the ploy is a deadly sin. One should be mindful that nothing can be hidden in this digital era and the perpetrator involved to exacerbate the deeply rooted conflict is advised to come out clean before the damage is done,” UNC said.

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“Much have been said and we have made our position very clear that the Nagas will remain neutral but it is very unfortunate that few Naga tribes who live in close proximity with both the warring communities at the periphery and foothills have been harassed, mishandled, provoked, ill-treated and intimidate to carry out certain tasks involuntarily. Once and for all, the UNC is giving out the constituent tribe hohos of the UNC to ensure that the Nagas are not harmed out of mistaken identity,” it stated.

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The following tribes under UNC include:

1. Anal Naga Tangpi 2. Aimol tribe union 3. Moyon tribe union 4. Chiru union 5. Chothe Lim Abom 6. Inpui Naga union 7. Kharam union 8. Lamkang union 9. Liangmai Naga council 10. Mao council 11. Maram Naga union 12. Maring uparup assembly 13.Poumai Naga union 14. Rongmei Naga council 15.Monsang tribe union 16.Tangkhul Naga Long 17. Tarao tribe union 18. Thangal union 19. khoibu union 20. Zeme Naga Council.

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