Upa Th. Parnong, appointed as Asst. Chief of Liwa Sarei Village Chandel

Chandel: The installation service of Upa Th. Parnong as Rampuh or Asst Chief of Liwa Sarei Village Authority was held at the Liwa Sarei Public Ground on Thursday.

Upa G. Khartu, Licentiate Pastor of Liwa Sarei Baptist Church, MNBCA was the blessing miniter and Upa Ts. Ngamtin, Chief of Liwa Sarei village led the oath taking ceremony.

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Upa W. Beningpha, Khuwpuh in his welcome speech extended his warm welcome to all the dignitaries and members present including Monsang tribe leaders, chiefs, church leaders, officers, students, and well- wishers from neighbouring communities. Upa Th. Parnong in his commitment speech during the installation program extended his appreciation to all the leaders and well wishers who have attended the program and look forward to serving the village in his best capacity.

The program moderated by Sapa Sh. Priyo, Church Clerk ended with blessing and presentation to Upa Th. Parnong and family by their relatives and friends. The program also witnessed a beautiful Monsang folk dance known as ‘Rhingphu Laam’ presented by Sarei Youth Club and special no by Sanuw Th. Gladly and Upa Th. Angningkham.

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It is worth mentioning that the traditional Monsang village council comprise of 15 leaders who are closen or elected from the two major clans of the community namely Simphuwti and Reennheti clans. Selection to the traditional village council is done taking into account egual representation of individuals from both the two major clans of the tribe. If the chief of the village is selected or appointed from Ngiiriiti of the Simpuwti clan, then the next immediate post i.e Rampuh or Asst Chief has to go to person from the Reennheti clan and further selection is continued in this manner until all the seats are filled. As per the Monsang customary law, Rampuh is the next immediate successor to the post of Chief or Eruwng after the death or end of the latter’s term.

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