UTflix.com Launched

What is this UTflix.com?
UTflix.com is an online streaming service that will offer content of a wide variety of Shows, Music videos, Documentaries, Movies and any other production created in Manipur and North East. UTflix.com is not a subscription based platform like Netflix or Hotstar.

How do I watch UTflix.com?
The platform UTflix.com is simple, you pay for what you want to watch. Pay the ticket cost online for the content you want to watch in affordable rate. Buy tickets on UTflix.com easily. Pay by scanning QR Code, or through UPI payment like GPay, PayTM, PhonePe or pay using debit card, credit card, net banking or Ewallets by just registering through your mobile phone number with OTP.

How can I watch UTflix.com?
You can watch UTflix.com content from your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop etc whenever you want it without the intrusive ads.

Why UTflix.com is created, what’s there for me?

UTflix.com is launched keeping in mind the difficulty local content creators, artists, film productions face in selling their product. The popular mainstream Youtube platform with demonitization has made it even harder for content creators to make a living out of it unless they have fan-base in the millions. With the pandemic and lockdown, it’s become even more difficult.

Budget constrains and profitless new projects comes in the way for many content creators. UTflix.com being an online streaming service will change that for you. Movie productions in our region still heavily rely on sale of CDs. It’s not tenable and profitable to continue in that pattern. And that is where UTflix.com comes in the picture. Let’s help you launch your projects online and earn profit out of your hard work.

Shout out to Content Creators, Artists! This is for you!
Make UTflix.com your project launch pad and capitalise revenue to keep your work going. UTflix.com understands your budget issues, and that is why, it’s all the more important that we start this journey together. We will ensure that you get the optimal benefit out of UTflix.com

Make UTflix.com your Stage!

UTflix.com is the Entertainment branch of Ukhrul Times

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DM UT Facebook and leave your number, we will call you. You can also write to us at ukhrultimes@gmail.com

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