Varewui Sonmet: Maker Kashung & Yursari Ngalung, New release

Ukhrul Times Exclusive

Videography and editing by Kuipei Studio, Ukhrul

I believe in collaboration, not only because it brings variety and fun to the work table but because also it is, in essence, the way life should be lived. Learning to tap in different talents to bring about a consolidated product/result is awesome and something I would like to do more. It just takes the whole business to a different axis on which we can all operate to yield wonderful outcomes. With this perspective in place, I began this collaborative journey last year, and I wanted to start with our own community, to share about our culture, our language, and most importantly, our God.

This song was recorded last year and it was initially slated for release early this year. However, certain turn of events led to where it is now, and after a long wait it is finally here.

The song is called, “Varewui Sonmet” which basically means God’s Grace. It is about the love of God and His grace that transcends our understanding and yet it is there for us for the taking. The song is based out of Matthew 6, Luke 12:6-7, and Isaiah 40:20-31. The words are penned by Rinchon Kashung who is a wonderful writer. You might want to follow her. Then there is our own Yursari Ngalung adding her mellifluous voice to give that refreshing effect to the song.

In all honesty, we did not have an elaborate plan for the video shoot. The idea was to go camping at Khorung, Khangkhui, capture some candid moments and see if we could use those for the song. The music itself wasn’t ready when we made the trip. Hence, I had to record a demo on an acoustic guitar and use that for lip synching. Somipei from Kuipei Studio has done a great job gathering and bringing about this nostalgic moments together even with the limited clips he had.

Special thanks to Akui Zing from Kuipei Studio, Kahorpam Horam and Awungphy (Kuku) for your wonderful support and company during the trip.

Thank you, Ukhrul Times, for taking the time to let the word out. Let us say yes to more collaborative work(s), and to efforts and initiatives that will build us up in every aspect of our lives – physical, intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual.

Maker Kashung
Hi guys… Welcome to my channel! I sing and write and think a lot. I love travelling and sports, and photography and stuff. Also trying to keep up with the …
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