Veteran politician O Joy appeals Manipur Guv to reject proceedings of Manipur session


Imphal: Veteran politician Okram Joy has expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent Manipur Legislative Assembly session, characterizing it as “Unparliamentary and Unconstitutional.” In response, he has appealed to the Manipur Governor to reject the proceedings of the session. O Joy shared his thoughts with the media from his residence in Kakwa, Imphal, emphasizing the irregularities he perceived in the session.

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O. Joy posed the question of why the House Speaker and House Leader failed to call for another session if the previous one had to be abruptly terminated due to disruptions caused by the Congress party. He asserted that once an assembly session is initiated, the responsibility to ensure its continuity on another day rests with the Speaker and the Chief Minister. This could involve rescheduling the session for the following day or a suitable time in the near future.

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