Violence struck Mother’s Day

To the mother who is struggling to find rest amidst the chaos,
May you find a home very soon.
To the mother boiling with rage and shouting, “Kill them”,
May you process rage better and find peace at the earliest.

To the mother who stood watching even as injustice paraded in front of them,
May you realise the gravity of that act and be able to react better, not withholding any guilt.
To the mother who stood up for the minority and against injustice
even when it meant earning the ire and threat of their own people,
May we be able to see what you have done and follow your footsteps.
And to all the mother who have been patient, kind, graceful and loving,
We adore you.

And on this Mother’s Day, may we also learn to live better so that
no mother has to struggle to rest or watch injustice done in front of them.
May we also learn to be patient, kind, graceful and loving like our mothers.

By Vashung Rimai

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