Why Senapati Remains the Lowest Rate in Vaccination?; a Survey Report by Asufii Christian Institute

Senapati remains the lowest in vaccination rate (10.79 %), though the state’s vaccination coverage has reached 40.11 percent as of July 10, 2021. The survey indicates ‘lack of awareness programs’ as the main cause for the low rate of vaccination in Senapati.

The survey indicates that most vaccinated individuals are still not sure of the benefits of taking the vaccine. The study is based on 110 individuals randomly selected from different villages in Senapati. Initially the target of the study was 1000 individuals; sadly, the majority of the  individuals in Senapati were reluctant in participating in this survey–though proper privacy ethics were informed. Another limitation is most of the villagers don’t have the facilities to participate in this online survey; and the offline method of survey is not practical with the prevailing situation. From the data collected, 90% of the people who are not vaccinated are the most educated individuals; among the 38.2 % of not vaccinated individuals, 25 individuals are under MA (and above) category. The reason given by most of the individuals for not taking the vaccine is ‘I don’t trust the vaccine’. Sadly, only a few know the benefit of taking the vaccine–including those who have vaccinated. 53.3% of the individuals are against mandatory vaccination.

Anti-vaccination movement is not new–so the government and citizens must be ready to encounter this. Opposition to vaccination has existed as long as vaccination itself (cowpox vaccines in 1796, by Edward Jenner). In 1853, smallpox vaccination was made statutory for all newborn children in Britain. Against the smallpox vaccination (the founder of vaccinology), three stern anti-vaccination movements were formed–“The Anti Vaccination Society of America (1879)”, “the New England Anti Compulsory Vaccination League (1882)’’ and “the Anti-vaccination League of New York City (1885)’’. Though vaccination’s successes against smallpox, opposition to vaccination continued through the 1920s, particularly against compulsory vaccination. Similar trends are witnessed in Senapati (India) too.

The Covid-19 vaccines can prevent us from becoming seriously ill or dying due to Covid-19. Out of the three vaccines available in India (Covishield and Covaxin and Sputnik V), Covishield is inoculated in Manipur. The vaccine causes the immune system to create antibodies to fight Covid-19. According to medical experts, symptoms such as fever and body ache are normal, and side effects after your second shot (After 84 days) may be more intense than the ones you experienced after your first shot. We also learnt that these side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection and should go away within a few days. The good news is people who have fully vaccinated have a much stronger immune system (three times higher) response against the new coronavirus than those who’ve developed natural  immunity after recovering.

The only way to increase the rate of vaccination is to let the people understand the benefit of taking vaccination–by conducting efficient awareness programs. Most villagers believe the orally translated version of the rumours circulated in social media. Villagers should be given privileges to interact with an informed medical team to clear their doubts. Apart from correcting the rumours, detailed explanation on ‘advantages of vaccination’ should be stressed. 90% of the participants are not aware of the ‘advantages’ of taking the vaccination. This survey indicates ‘lack of awareness programs’ as the main reason for the low rate of vaccination in Senapati. Robve Solephe village (under Song Song sub-division) became the first fully vaccinated village in Senapati district; this is due to vigorous efforts in building trust with the villagers by the local MLA, Shri Losii Dikho PHE minister.  Government can still do more in reaching out to villages

image 2

Figure 1: Educational background

image 4

Figure 2: Chart showing the percentage of vaccination taken

image 5

Figure 3: Chart showing if vaccination be made mandatory

Author: H Asaziia Krichena,

BA 6th Semester (English Honours)

NB: This study is conducted under the guidance of the faculties of the English Department, Asufii Christian Institute, Mao.  

Email ID: asaziia2000@gmail.com

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