Shanchui Samshok, winner of the best Bassist Award of ShiRock 2017 tied the knot to his beautiful bride Mercy Zingkhai on Friday at Phungyo Baptist Church, Ukhrul.

Shanchui is a gifted musician and an ace bass guitar player with many years of experience in teaching music and performing. He is respected in the musician community, a model for younger bass players.

Born to Lt. Vaoshai and Thingkhuila Samshok in 1985 in Wino Bazaar, Ukhrul, the 7th child of the 8 children, Shanchui picked up guitar when he was in 6th standard in Galaxy Christian School. Ever since, music has been a major part of his life.

Shanchui 4th International Guwahati M festival
Shangchui Samshok live on stage -4th Guwahati International Music Festival 1st March 2020

Shanchui has vast teaching experience not only in terms of years but his availability when ever his service is needed by the church choir, school choir, and by the locality he grew up in. He also worked as a paid music teacher from 2008-2010 in Delhi.

Salt and Light Traveling Band, known to fans as SALT inducted him as their full time bass guitarist in the later part of 2010. His joining the band brought powerful low notes to the power band. He is a crowd puller in live concerts. SALT Band is the winner of the Rhythm and Aromas of North East India contest held as part of the 4th Guwahati International Music Festival 2020.  

Salt and Light Band is a folk fusion band based in Ukhrul. Brief journey of the band. Formed in 2010.

Band Members:  

  1. Terence LA: Vocal, lyricist, guitar
  2. Shanchui Samshok: Bassist, Tala (Traditional Bull Horn) and Contact person
  3. Mayami HC: Guitarist, Tingteila (Traditional single string Fiddle)
  4. Zingyai Wungleng: Drummer
  5. Verity (Freddie) Longleng: Manager, Lyricist, Co-Founder & Former Bassist
Salt and Light Traveling band winner
Salt and Light Traveling Band group photo after winning Rhythms and Aromas of North East India 20

The band performed under the name of ZEST Band once and renamed the band as SALT and LIGHT TRAVELING BAND.

  1. Contested in Lets Rock: Manipur Chapter organized by Doordarshan, Delhi. This was the band’s first performance under the name ZEST Band on 3rd August 2010 at Classic Hotel Imphal. The band performed two of its originals and was awarded 2nd Runners up and was selected to represent Manipur in the North East Let’s Rock final.
  2. Contested in Nokia Lord’s of Music, Manipur Chapter: Known to fans as SALT, the band performed three of their originals in audition at the Classic hotel on 7th February 2011 and won first place and represented Manipur at the grand finale in Shillong on 20th February 2011.
  3. Red FM: The band’s  Co-founder, former Bassist, Lyricist and Manager was interviewed by  Red FM 93.5 on 21st February and aired two of originals songs -Meant to fly and Before your end were aired on 27th February 2011 in Shillong.
  4. Winner of Red Ribbon Supper Star: Manipur Idol at the district level. Two following individual prizes were also awarded (i) Best Guitarist who also is the vocal of the band and (ii) Best Drummer. SALT represented Ukhrul District in the grand final held in BOAT, Imphal on 18th February 2011.
  5. Hornbill National Rock Contest-Kohima: In December 2011 the band contested in the Hornbill National Rock Contest.
  6. North East Highway Star Voice Hunt 2012: SALT supported its vocal in the solo Voice Hunt in 2012. The band travelled and played many gigs in support to their vocal. He won many rounds and levels of the voice hunt and was one of the finalists. 
  7. Shirock 2017: The band contested till the final round of ShiRock 2017. Best bassist of ShiRock 2017 was awarded to its bassist.
  8. Rhythms and Aromas of North East India: Manipur and Sikkim Audition. SALT disbanded and regrouped after six years and won the audition of Rhythms and Aromas of NE held on 10th January 2020 held in Ukhrul.
  9. Winner of Rhythms and Aromas of North East India 2020: The band contested on the 29th February and 1st March 2020 in 4th Guwahati International Music Festival and won the best band award.

Contact & Social Media handles of the band:

86348937 2261236083978658 1607014992219996160 n

Mobile: 8415838618/ 9366313396/ 9774791718

Facebook & Instagram

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